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    Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute Downloads (May 2014)

Here are your Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minutes for the month of May, 2014. To download, right click on each link and "save target as". Depending on your internet connection, this may take a few moments. This month we have added a zip file of the entire month's content for one easy download.

Here's The Zip File

May 2014 MCRHM Zip File

And here are the individual files

2014May01Radial Arterial Catheterization

2014May02Kids and OTC Allergy Medications

2014May05Diagnosing PAD

2014May06Am I Too Old to Donate

2014May07Early Blood Pressure Problems

2014May08Avoiding Infection

2014May09Hepatitis C Treatment

2014May12Irregular Periods

2014May13Kids and Allergies

2014May14What is a Bartholin Cyst

2014May15Cash for Weight Loss

2014May16Treating Lupus


2014May20Treating Psoriasis

2014May21Who's a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery

2014May22What is a Hemorrhoid

2014May23Treating Hemorrhoids

2014May26How To Handle a Baby With Colic

2014May27Dreams and Dementia

2014May28What is Fuch's2014May29Swimmers Ear

2014May29Swimmers Ear

2014May30Summertime SAD

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