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    Mayo Clinic to protect staff pay during COVID-19 pandemic response

Mayo Clinic is committed to supporting our staff while we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Mayo Clinic announced on Monday a staffing and pay protection program for our allied health staff. The program guarantees that allied health staff will continue to be paid their current rate of pay for normally scheduled hours through April 28.

As part of Mayo Clinic's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some staff members will be redeployed to assist with emerging and critically needed work in other areas. In some instances, staff may be asked to stay home if redeployment does not make sense based on Mayo Clinic's needs, understanding they may be called back on short notice. Regardless, allied health staff will continue to receive their pay through April 28.

Mayo Clinic’s dedicated staff are focused on the mission-critical work of caring for our patients, each other and our communities. This pay protection program is Mayo Clinic’s commitment to our staff, so they can keep patients safe and do what’s best for themselves and those who rely on them.   

Media contact: Mayo Clinic Public Affairs, newsbureau@mayo.edu

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