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    Mayo Transplant Patient a Finalist on American Idol

He made it! Scott MacIntyre, singer/songwriter/pianist from Scottsdale, Ariz., that is. Scott, 23, a contestant on the current season of American Idol, made the list of the 10 finalists on last night's program (Wednesday, March 18) when “America” voted him in.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest delivered the good news to a jubilant Scott by telling him he would be on the nationwide tour after the season’s end – news enthusiastically received by Scott and his family.

Scott is admired by legions of fans, and especially by the Transplant team at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Two years ago, after being diagnosed with a failing kidney, Scott underwent a living donor kidney transplant. His generous donor was the wife of Scott’s former piano teacher at Arizona State University. As the Arizona Republic described it:

MacIntyre was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2005. He spend 10 months undergoing dialysis, which severely limited his ability to perform or travel.

"I remember not having enough energy to sit and vocalize at the piano," he recalls. "Singing is a muscle thing and you're pushing out air, and I just couldn't do that for any length of time."

After the MacIntyres began looking for donors, four potential candidates were disqualified before Patricia Cosand was approved....

Click here to read the rest of the story about Scott’s amazing accomplishments in his young life and about his life-saving transplant.

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