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    Tamiko’s Story: Getting Definitive Answers

Tamiko Lyle lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, and came to Mayo Clinic in late February to seek answers to medical problems that had bothered her for several years.

In explaining why she came to Mayo Clinic, Tamiko said she reached a point where she was “sick of being sick” and needed to get definitive answers.

“Up until my Mayo appointments, some of my Canadian doctors said I had lupus, while others thought I had Behcet’s disease,” Tamiko explained. “I get so nauseated that I throw up and sometimes cannot work for two-week periods. I’ve been waiting for gastroenterology and hematology appointments for consultation in Canada since November, and even today have not gotten a call yet with an appointment date.”

"Now I know for sure that I have both lupus and Behcet's, which I understand makes me one of only three patients in Mayo history documented to have both. And I have recommendations for treatment to take home to my Canadian doctors, who have worked with and interacted with my Mayo doctors."

In the video below, Tamiko reflects on her experience at Mayo Clinic on the last day of her seven-day series of appointments:

Tamiko originally shared her story on Mayo Clinic's Facebook page (click the image to enlarge)


She decided to tell it on camera for Sharing Mayo Clinic while she was on the Mayo campus. If you would like to record your story on video while you are at Mayo, send an email notifying our team about when you will be visiting, or call Mayo Clinic's Public Affairs offices from any campus phone.

  • In Florida, call 3-2299;
  • In Rochester, call 4-5005;
  • In Arizona, call 1-4222.

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