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    Pleased Patient Shows Enduring Gratitude with Tattoo

David Prochello is no stranger to getting tattoos. He builds custom choppers, he has tats on his arms and a large one on his upper back inscribed: “I am my own role model.”

David's tattoo of green ribbon

So when Prochello, of Dakota Dunes, South Dakota,  received drug therapy and surgery at Mayo Clinic to treat kidney cancer, he felt completely comfortable demonstrating his gratitude in a unique way.

“Well, I hit it off with Dr. Leibovich right away,” said Prochello. “I told him if everything turned out I was going to get his name tattooed on my back.” Prochello’s tattoo includes a kidney cancer ribbon inscribed with the date of his diagnosis and a blank spot for the date of remission. Underneath the ribbon Prochello had inscribed: Tumors removed by Dr. Brad Leibovich. “I just thought he’d get a real kick out of it,” said Prochello. “My biggest worry was that I got his named spelled right.”

Watch Mr. Prochello tell his story below:
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