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    Research!America Honors Mayo Clinic CEO for Research Advocacy

Mayo Clinic’s president and CEO, John Noseworthy, M.D., has been honored by Research!America, the national advocacy organization for medical research. On behalf of Mayo Clinic, Dr. Noseworthy receives the Geoffrey Beene Builders of Science Award as part of the organization’s Advocacy Awards Program, initiated to honor individuals and organizations that have effectively advanced the nation’s commitment to research.

The announcement states that Dr. Noseworthy “has focused his career on advancing research to meet the needs of individual patients and has enhanced Mayo Clinic’s ability to conduct research and provide evidence-based care.”

Mayo Clinic’s research origins trace back to 1866 when Dr. William Worrall Mayo wrote in his patient notes that he was planning on doing more research for an individual case. Dr. Noseworthy also makes the point that Mayo’s direct support of research has grown dramatically.

“Investment of our own funds in research has tripled over the last ten years. Our self-funding of research through revenues, royalties and philanthropy has increased from $100 million to $300 million.“

With government grants Mayo’s total research budget in 2015 was nearly $700 million. Dr. Noseworthy will accept the award on behalf of Mayo’s researchers and scientists during ceremonies in Washington, DC.

Some other facts about the scope of Mayo’s research during 2015:

  • Mayo was conducting over 11,000 active clinical studies
  • It launched 2,723 new human studies
  • It had 4,685 research grants and contracts
  • Mayo had 1,000 medical scientists and researchers and a total of 3,392 full time research personnel
  • Mayo had over 356,000 square feet of research laboratory space
  • Not including investigator or clinical labs, Mayo has 29 extensive core laboratories
  • Roughly 80 percent of Mayo’s physicians are involved in some type of research