• By Laurel Kelly

Sharing Mayo Clinic: A long road through infertility to parenthood

December 15, 2019
Sharing Mayo Clinic patient Lacey Berning, with her husband Seth and their daughter Brielle

Lacey Berning dreamed of having a little girl. What she never imagined, however, was that the journey to that child would be wrought with delays and heartache. But Lacey never gave up hope, and with support from a team of Mayo Clinic infertility specialists, she and her husband finally realized their dream of becoming parents.

Like most mothers, Lacey Berning has a pregnancy story filled with happiness, transformation and new life. But Lacey's journey to having her baby also involved loss, sickness and lots of needles.

For Lacey and her husband, Seth, however, the waiting, worry and needlesticks — a necessary component of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process they went through to become pregnant — along with the extreme nausea and vomiting Lacey experienced while pregnant, fade away when they look at their daughter, Brielle.

"My pregnancy was awful. I was really sick," Lacey says. "I was going in for fluids every three days at the hospital, and I lost 15 pounds before the third trimester. But it's one of those things where I just kept thinking how lucky I was and just couldn't complain about being sick because it was a miracle I was pregnant."

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