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    Chasing a world record after open heart surgery: Mayo Clinic Radio

Clay "Trip" Hedrick, a former college swimmer who continued to stay fit and healthy in his 40s, didn't consider himself at risk for heart problems. Despite no family history and few risk factors, though, Trip had a heart attack at 46. In the years following his heart attack, progressive heart disease required a series of stents and then open-heart surgery in 2018. Trip got back in the pool as soon as possible. Just 16 months later, he set a national age group swimming record in the 50-meter butterfly. Now Trip has his sights set on a shot at the world record in 2020. 

On this Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Trip will share his story in his own words. He'll be joined by Dr. John Stulak, the Mayo Clinic cardiovascular surgeon who performed Trip's open-heart surgery. Also on the program, Dr. Jamie Van Gompel, a Mayo Clinic neurologic surgeon, and Dr. Garret Choby, a Mayo Clinic otolaryngologist — head and neck surgeon, explain minimally invasive surgery for skull base tumors. And Dr. Reade Quinton, a Mayo Clinic pathologist, discusses the shortage of pathologists and his forensic work in anatomic pathology.

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