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    The Painful Recurrence Of Kidney Stones

Roughly one-third of people who suffer from kidney stones will experience symptomatic stone recurrence.  That's according to a 10-year Mayo Clinic study monitored 333 patients for the reappearance of stones after their surgery in 1999–2000. 

Regardless of treatment method, “Approximately one-third of patients undergoing a surgical procedure for stones will experience a recurrence. Patients with a previous history of stones, prior stone surgery and positive family history are at increased risk,” says lead author Amy Krambeck, M.D.  Dr. Krambeck says patients and doctors should focus on treatment options most likely to leave the patient stone free with the least invasive and fewest surgical interventions.

B-roll and soundbites with Dr. Krambeck are available in the downloads above.

Expert title for broadcast cg: Dr. Amy Krambeck, Mayo Clinic Urologist

Attention Journalists: Mayo Clinic Urologists are presenting findings this week at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting. There are several embargoed studies regarding prostate cancer and kidney stones.

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