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    Update: Baby Kieran’s Heart

baby Kieran napping peacefully at home

One year ago this month, teams of Mayo Clinic physicians were making complex plans to save a little girl with a very special heart. Baby Kieran had not yet arrived in the world. While still in the womb, her parents learned their daughter's heart was developing outside of her chest. "The odds were stacked against her," says Kieran's mother, Caitlin Veitz.

Today, however, Kieran is speaking her first words and her family is making plans for her first birthday. Her heart is performing so well, she may be able to wait another year or two before the next surgery to make additional repairs. Congenital heart problems are the most common structural birth defect. They affect about 1 in 100 children. While Kieran's situation was more complicated than most, February's American Heart Month is a great time to celebrate the progress being made for patients of all ages.

Watch the original story to see the amazing teamwork that saved Kieran's life.