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Episodes Entering the digital front door to a better health care experience

Entering the digital front door to a better health care experience
November 12, 2021

Innovation in health care is being driven by technology and data. At Mayo Clinic, the Center for Digital Health is the hub for this digital transformation. 

"The Center for Digital Health has the vision of bringing Mayo Clinic to a global community so that we can deliver Mayo Clinic anywhere in a manner that is simple," says Dr. Bradley Leibovich, medical director for Mayo Clinic's Center for Digital Health.

Current projects at the Center for Digital Health include developing a digital front door and improved consumer experience for patients, expanding virtual care, and transforming health care delivery through data and analytics.

One example is Mayo Clinic's advanced care a home program, which provides comprehensive care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Partnering with Medically Home, technology-enabled services company, some patients with conditions previously managed in a hospital now have the option to transition to a home setting for care and recovery services. 

"This enables people who traditionally would need to be in the hospital for a serious condition to stay in their home, having nurses and physicians checking on them via technology, and having data streamed to those providers from their home," explains Dr. Leibovich. "It allows people to stay in their homes more, with their families more. It will enable them to continue working more. It will cure them faster. It will do so with less expense, less frustration. And everybody benefits if we can accomplish that."

On the Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Leibovich discusses work that is underway at Mayo Clinic's Center for Digital Health to improve the patient's health care experience.